Launch Redux – Deja Vu All Over Again

Okay, it’s true. I’m calling a “Do Over.”  I announced, in mid-November of 2012, what I’d be doing with this blog.

It hasn’t happened.

Ouch. I know.

Shortly after the announcement, I got embroiled in the end of several-month career search, navigated multiple offers (fortunately), landed a new gig, took a vacation for the holidays, and started drinking from the fire hose in January. Here we are, several months later, and this blog has languished, with promises unfulfilled.

I plan now to rectify that. Tonight, I sent emails to the first wave of sales transformation and performance improvement leaders whom I’d be proud to have as guest bloggers (with more to come), and created a blog schedule. It will be a labor of love, done after hours, probably later than it should be, and on weekends, but I aim to make it happen this time.


I will keep you posted on the Thursday guest blogger schedule, and start writing personally soon. We all need to do more to elevate our sales profession, and for whomever is listening, I will do my best here to offer thoughts with that goal in mind. I sincerely hope you’ll forgive my delay, and even more, that’ll you’ll weigh in and participate.

Be safe out there, and by all means, let’s continue to elevate our sales profession!


Mike Kunkle
Transforming Sales Results with Clear Insight & Focused Execution

<mike at mikekunkle dotcom>


Mike Kunkle

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