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Final Thoughts Before the Crickets Chirp

This past week, I was asked by my new employer to press the pause button on this personal blog, to become part of the collective voice at The Richardson Sales Excellence Review™ Despite the fact that I regret my wishy-washy, stop/start behavior with this blog, I couldn’t be more pleased to become part of the blogging […]

Improve Your Sales Coaching with Two Simple Steps – Part 3

I guess it’s somewhat funny that a simple, two-step addition to sales coaching has taken a 3-part blog series to communicate. Hopefully, it’s been a good journey for those who have come along for the ride. In Part 1, I laid out the overall framework of the two-step addition, and explained Addressing the Right Issues, […]

Improve Your Sales Coaching with Two Simple Steps – Part 2

In the first post in this series, I wrote that there are many good coaching models for having an open, engaging discussion with a rep, but not as many that focus on rigorous diagnosis and the application of the best solution, based on that diagnosis. Which, this time, leads us right into some details about […]