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Ch-ch-ch-changesThis blog is back

If you haven’t seen my social profile updates yet, change is afoot.  Friday, March 7 was my final day at Richardson.  Monday, March 10 is my first day at GE Capital.  (Technically, I guess that means I’m unemployed this weekend.  Hadn’t thought about that until this instant.)


Can something be bittersweet and exciting at the same time?  (Other than dark chocolate,perhaps?)  It certainly is bittersweet to leave Richardson.  They are a top 20 sales training company (for the sixth year running) and that is my field of expertise.  For those of you who are Richardson supporters, or if any clients are reading this… my opinion of them hasn’t changed.  Great company, great people, great products, great philosophy and approach toward professional selling, training, and sales enablement.  And, I am incredibly proud of the work I did leading the development of Richardson’s Selling with Insights® program.  Personally, I will also miss working from home in bunny slippers and having work-day lunches with my Dachshund, Doc.


Having said all that, did I mention it was GE?  On Monday, 3/10, I’ll start work at GE Capital’s Equipment Finance division, here in the Dallas metro area, to do sales training, development and effectiveness work, with their Commercial Development and Commercial Excellence teams (at GE, “Commercial” = “Sales”).  The work is right in my wheelhouse and the people I work with are sharp and “get” what I do… and I have to admit, that latter point has not always been the case.  I know I will be drinking from the fire hose for awhile and I’m always hard on myself during transitions… but the excitement is hard to contain and I’m chomping at the bit to get started. I’m not sure there will a lot of low-hanging fruit, since they are already doing so many things well (GE = thoughtful, planning, process, execution, measurement!), but we have talked about a few areas where my expertise will fit perfectly.  To be clear, I won’t be blogging specifically about experiences there, as the opinions here will remain my own and I will obviously not be sharing things that could represent competitive differentiation for my employer.  But I did want to share what was happening with my transition. 

I’m baa-aaack!

The real reason for this post?  This blog is back!  Transforming Sales Results is back online.  I may be more excited about that than anyone else, but if so, that’s okay.  I really enjoy writing here.  Given my transition, it may not come back with a roar, but I will be starting to write again.  I will also continue to guest post for both Richardson and ASTD Sales Enablement, and possibly others, as the opportunity arises.

That’s all for this first announcement, but stay tuned.  And, as always, be safe out there and let’s continue to elevate our profession of selling!

Mike Kunkle
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Mike Kunkle

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