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The Four Pillars of Sales Value Creation

The concept of sales value creation has been getting a lot of attention again lately, in the sales blogosphere. It should. I don’t believe in metaphorical “silver bullets,” but the ability to create value when selling is as close as we may come to a silver bullet for our profession. We tend to forget that […]

Sales Myth Buster: There ARE Limits to What You Can Achieve with Hard Work

I’ve been seeing a lot of motivational and inspirational quotes roll by in my various social streams lately. I really enjoy a lot of them and I imagine they help people. In my typical style, I also disagree with a few and find them unrealistic. I have always enjoyed and chuckled at Zig Ziglar’s well-known […]

SEF Top Sales Education Programs for 2014

Elevate Our Sales Profession If you read this blog, you’ve read the words… “let’s continue to elevate our sales profession…” at the end of almost every post.  I’ve been saying this for years, and believe it wholeheartedly. When I first came across the Sales Education Foundation (SEF), I was pleased and not surprised to see that […]