Mike Kunkle

who is mike kunkle?

Put a seasoned, balding guy with glasses and beard in a blender with over 22 years of sales force transformation experience, a healthy dose of training and development, organization effectiveness, leadership development, process improvement and performance consulting expertise, then sprinkle in Internet research, social media, elliptical and resistance training, and a Venti Starbucks Flat White, and you get me.

I've got a deep passion for highly-customized sales training and sales performance solutions that are based on top-producer and sales performance ecosystem analysis, supported by an aligned sales management team, and executed with discipline through an effective learning system. I’m also an ardent advocate for Socratic, solution-oriented, value-added, consultative selling methodologies, including selling with insights. We must continue to elevate the sales profession.

For additional professional background, see "about mike kunkle."

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