Why I Decided to Join the SPA and SPASIGMA Team

Mike Kunkle Joins SPA and SPASIGMA

The position change announcement feature on LinkedIn has become the birthday announcement on Facebook. Except for anyone with a large network, it’s 10 times more overwhelming. Thank You! That probably sounds like a complaint, but I’m actually very grateful for the outpouring from my network of friends, connections, and followers who offered their congratulations and […]

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Sales Enablers: Have you OD’d yet? You Should!

Sales Enablers

The War on… Sales Productivity? Based on the sales research results I see (much of which are based on survey results from folks like you), I know it must seem that our efforts to increase sales productivity (defined as “revenue per rep”) are as challenging as our nation’s initial War on Drugs or Prohibition. So, […]

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