Monthly Archives: February 2011

Improve Sales Results with 3-D Coaching

I responded to another blog’s call for coaching ideas today, and it dawned on me that it’d be a good post for the Neuron Nexus. I recognize that there are many variations of coaching and many professional and personal settings in which coaching can be applied, but because of my background, when I hear the […]

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I’m a Worry-Wart | Heretic | Luddite

It’s official – I’m a worry-wart, a heretic, and a Luddite. There, I said it. I feel like a heretic lately, even though I swear I’m not and don’t generally like Luddites. And I rarely worry too much… well, until lately. What’s got me going? Are you sitting down? What’s My Problem? Social learning, informal […]

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