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Craft a Practical & Powerful Sales Value Proposition


Reality Check Stop and think for a moment about the difference between the average high school theater production and an Oscar-winning movie. Got that in your head? Now, do the same with the average high school orchestra and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (the “other” CSO). Clear? Now, do the same comparison for the average telemarketing […]

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The Simple Truths About Selling

Simple Truths About Selling

    It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. ~ Winston Churchill. Complex B2B selling is not easy, but it is a lot simpler than some want you to believe. I think it makes sense to step back sometimes, and take a look at things through […]

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The Untapped Power of Sales Discovery Skills

Sales Discovery Skills

Some in the sales profession consider the act of discovering what is important to prospects or clients and understanding their challenges, opportunities, needs, and requirements to be the most basic skill in selling. After all, this is taught in every Sales 101-type course on the planet, right? By contrast, to true top producers, Sales Discovery […]

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How to REALLY Make Insight Selling Work

How to REALLY Make Insight Selling Work for You

Call it what you will… insight selling, changing the sales conversation, selling with insights, challenging, influencing through thought leadership… it’s all the rage, isn’t it? So much so, that some companies that shouldn’t be doing it are trying like crazy to scale the concept, and some that should be adding insight selling to their methodology mix, are rushing forward without […]

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Judgment – The Superpower of Selling Skills

It sometimes surprises people to learn what separates the top 4% of sales producers from the rest.  Judgment is one of those surprising skills.  In fact, it’s such a differentiator, that I consider judgment to be the superpower of selling skills. Part of the 22nd Century Selling Skills In my presentation  on 22nd Century Selling Skills at […]

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