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The Oversimplification of Sales Performance Work

The Oversimplification of Sales Performance Work Yes, you read that right.  I’m worried about some of the things I’m reading and trends I’m seeing in the world of sales performance improvement.  Simple is good.  Oversimplified is not. If you’ve been reading my work for a while, you may remember that I define performance levers as […]

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Transforming Sales Results is Back

Ch-ch-ch-changes If you haven’t seen my social profile updates yet, change is afoot.  Friday, March 7 was my final day at Richardson.  Monday, March 10 is my first day at GE Capital.  (Technically, I guess that means I’m unemployed this weekend.  Hadn’t thought about that until this instant.) Past Can something be bittersweet and exciting […]

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Final Thoughts Before the Crickets Chirp

This past week, I was asked by my new employer to press the pause button on this personal blog, to become part of the collective voice at The Richardson Sales Excellence Review™ Despite the fact that I regret my wishy-washy, stop/start behavior with this blog, I couldn’t be more pleased to become part of the blogging […]

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Improve Your Sales Coaching with Two Simple Steps – Part 1

Coaching & Fashion – Models Abound There are many solid models for generalized sales coaching and sales rep development. Most of these models address how to coach – meaning, how to conduct an effective, interactive coaching session. Appropriately, these models usually include some sort of Socratic, dialogue-based, facilitative approach, similar to effective selling, interactive classroom […]

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Adaptive Buying and Selling Alignment

Adaptive Selling

I’ve been thinking about this concept for about six months and have finally decided to document it here now, even as work in progress. The name I’ve given my concept is Adaptive Buying and Selling Alignment. It’s a mouthful; I know. Perhaps that name won’t stick, but it’s a “working title” and I like it […]

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How to Increase Sales with Top Producer Research – Part 2

How to Increase Sales with Top Producer Research – Part 2 In part one of this series, I discussed the misnomer inherent in the term “best practices” and recommended “top producer practices” instead. I also pinpointed the reason for the bad reputation, since poorly executed best practices projects often fail to produce tangible results. In the […]

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