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Judgment – The Superpower of Selling Skills

It sometimes surprises people to learn what separates the top 4% of sales producers from the rest.  Judgment is one of those surprising skills.  In fact, it’s such a differentiator, that I consider judgment to be the superpower of selling skills. Part of the 22nd Century Selling Skills In my presentation  on 22nd Century Selling Skills at […]

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The Four Pillars of Sales Value Creation

The concept of sales value creation has been getting a lot of attention again lately, in the sales blogosphere. It should. I don’t believe in metaphorical “silver bullets,” but the ability to create value when selling is as close as we may come to a silver bullet for our profession. We tend to forget that […]

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To Be Correct, Stop Trying to Be Right

          This post is inspired by the debate and hubub that is ensuing around the CEB’s Challenger Sale research. I’d like to start with some personal opinions of my own, but I’d like to end with something I think is more important, so please allow me to fast-forward for a moment. […]

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