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Transforming Sales Results - Expectations

Welcome to Transforming Sales Results at https://www.mikekunkle.com!

Well, the relevant posts from my old blog are transferred here, and despite the fact that I’m still figuring out parts of WordPress, I suppose this is a sort of delayed Grand Opening. Please grab a balloon and feel free to wander around or even sign-up to receive posts by email (no sales person will call).

Until now, I’ve only posted something to document my own content or when I felt I really had something to say. Many times, though, I’ve felt I had something to say in the shower, at the grocery store, at my desk, or in the car. Those things typically didn’t get said here, because I hadn’t committed to blogging more frequently and sharing my voice, and made no ongoing effort to capture ideas as they arose to blog about them later. I certainly never sat down and said, “Here are some of the things I’m going to write about,” and commit to a schedule.

Guess I’m ready.

By the way, if you’re a “read-between-the-lines” kind of person, I don’t mean to forecast that I will now blog when I have nothing to say, either, although I suppose that’s possible – it’s all perspective. I hope you will find value in what I publish, but I also don’t have delusions of grandeur.

Guess What I’ll Be Writing About?

To be as clear as I can, I’ll primarily be blogging personally about sales force transformation topics – hence the name of the blog: Transforming Sales Results. Unexpected, I know.

I’ve sold and did well at it, but I won’t necessarily be writing (or much, anyway) about being a better individual sales producer. There is a lot of great stuff out there on prospecting, asking questions, making effective presentations, how to handle client concerns, closing deals, and more. (See my Blogroll for a great start.)

There’s a ton more content about the attitudes of top producers and how you can try to emulate them. I may broach the topic from time to time, but it’s not my mainstay.

Hey, You Got Your Sales Goo On My Pocket Protector!

Whatever terms you attach to it, and whatever those nuances mean to you, I’m a sales performance geek. Think of things like sales analysis, sales training, sales force effectiveness, sales enablement, sales operations, sales optimization, sales education, sales thought leadership, sales change management, and you’ll have a better bead on where I’m headed. Whether it’s a sales force of 25, 2,500 or 25,000, my fascination lies in organizational performance improvement, especially how companies, leaders, and sales forces navigate their way from point A, where they are, to point B, where they want to be. And if we’re being honest, I am much more interested in radical improvements than incremental. You can get incremental growth by accident. But you don’t typically see radical improvements unless you are incredibly lucky (right time, right place – it happens) or purposefully and intelligently worked on aligning performance levers or sales drivers and other organizational factors, to produce an intended result. To me, that’s where the real magic is… what excites me about the world of professional sales, leadership and change management.

Climbing On The Shoulders Of Giants

Now, as someone who has created a “sales content channel” on Twitter and LinkedIn, mostly consisting of other writers’ good work, I don’t plan to do this by myself. I will be having guest bloggers drop by, maybe even as much as once a week, to contribute to the content and theme of this blog, Transforming Sales Results.

I hope to have some additional announcements soon about this, but for now, know that some good stuff is coming, and it isn’t all me. (Hold the applause, please.)

Thanks for reading, subscribing – if you so choose – or spreading the word about the new blog location, name and plans. Your involvement is appreciated at whatever level you choose, and your engagement is valued, if you have feedback or whenever something moves you to comment.

Be safe out there, and by all means, let’s continue to elevate our sales profession!


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